Party Canyon

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A beautiful, million-year old canyon with calcified stone formations presiding over an ancient waterfall plays host to the POD community and friends to participate and enjoy music and theatre in this extraordinary space.

This amphitheatre has been hewn from the surrounding rock, and can accommodate about 500 plus people. The amphitheatre and surrounds contains a large natural stone dam, a stone bar, a stone dance floor, and a stage for DJs, musicians, actors and other live performers.

There are beautifully designed and built toilets and showers to facilitate the patrons.

The large dance floor and stage flanked by terraced platforms and natural swimming pool are fed by a waterfall from the cliffs above ideal for any type of function from concerts, festivals, and live entertainment. Two large hand sculpture installations herald your arrival into the canyon space.

The entire Canyon is serviced by a solar system and backup 50KVA generator, supplying power throughout.