POD Passport

A POD passport is both earned and awarded. The POD Trustees keep a tight record of contributions made by individuals or groups, which enhance the space and contribute to its sustainability. The passport does not just entitle you to make use of the space, but it also earns you a place in the POD community. There is always an exchange of skills and resources needed to enjoy the fruits of our founders and contributor’s labours.

Currently the use of the spaces on a purely camping basis is calculated on a per person per night rate which is seen as your rates and taxes to use the space. This covers the costs for water, solar power and the use of the facilities that have been lovingly created for you. Please contact us for rates.

You may desire to be part of the POD experience, but the POD custodians reserve the right to accept or deny access into the space. POD people who have a passport are fast tracked to the use of the space, as they have contributed to PODand therefore have established themselves as part of the community.

A Passport fast tracks you to members only rates for

1. Use of the facilities for living and venues
2. Invitations to happenings and magic at POD
3. Use of the space for your very own happening:
– a. Party
– b. Festival
– c. Spiritual retreat
4. Use of the space in your personal capacity for time out