Spirit of Life Fort

The Spirit of Life fort will be a traditional adobe construction with walls 4 meters wide, 6 meters high and 100 meters long. It will create a space for all those who wish to join us; who believe that we can be better, kinder and softer versions of ourselves in a world that shapes us to be the very opposite. 

It will be constructed out of rammed earth and stone in the same way that large buildings were constructed thousands of years ago. Supporters can contribute their labour or donate to a message which will be built into the walls, to be read for many years to come.

The fort will have about 200 rooms with gathering areas and a large courtyard, protected from wind and weather by the outer walls. There will be a foundary for the smelting of metals and casting of the plaques and messages to be attached to the walls. The fort also will form the accommodation for pilgrims to future ‘festivals of remembrance’. We hope to create a space where all those who have contributed to Place of Dreams can come, rest and spend time reflecting on their own special input into this dream.