Some housekeeping rules – POD is all about self-reliance folks!


1. Food waste and dustbins
Please empty all dustbins in the POD kitchen and leave them completely clean. These bin bags must be taken with you when you leave. Do not leave food waste or any rubbish in dustbins.
2. Clean up and pack away
We do not have cleaning staff, so please pack utensils and kitchen crockery, cutlery kitchen appliances etc back in the cupboards and designated places. Make sure the floor is swept,  and that the microwave, tables,oven , surfaces etc are clean when you leave. Please do not leave stuff on drying rack for someone else to pack away.
3. Fridge
Please clear the fridge after use. There is no one to remove old food from the fridge, so please don’t leave leftovers.
4. Bathrooms
Please keep the bathrooms clean , replace loo paper and empty bins.
5. Living areas
Please sweep, clean and leave as you found the space. Do not remove anything from the POD.
6. Caravans, campers and glamping
Please empty bins and take your rubbish with you . Please do not leave anything for POD to dispose of. Please do not remove items such as pillows, blankets , cushions, mattreses and camping chairs from tents and Bedouins
Please respect your neighbours
Please leave your accommodation as you would like to find it
Thank you and enjoy the POD