Place of Dreams Airport - Registered Airfield & Landing Strip

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Soar Above and Beyond at Our Airfield

Experience aviation’s thrill in an exceptional setting when you become a Fly POD member! The airfield is a privately a registered Airfield. If you are a POD enthusiast, why not become a member and enjoy complimentary flights.

Landing Strip Details

Length: 1,2km

Width: 18m

North West Point: 32°57’34.8″S 19°59’27.4″E (click here for map)

South East Point: 32°57’56.9″S 20°00’02.9″E (click here for map)


Gateway to Limitless Skies

Embrace the Tankwa skies at Place of Dreams Airport – where possibilities have no boundaries. Our landing strip provides the perfect landing and take off point for your airborne journey to and from the Place of Dreams.

Unforgettable Moments

Ever dreamt of flying? Become a member at Place of Dreams Airport, it’s simple and straightforward. All you need is to make a membership contribution, gain owner authorisation and complete a quick indemnity form – that’s all it takes to kick-start your aviation journey.

Breathtaking Views Await…

Why Choose Place of Dreams Airport?

Certified Excellence: Our Airfield is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority, ensuring the highest safety and operational standards.

Seamless Access: Enjoy hassle-free flying with straightforward owner authorization and a quick indemnity form.

Scenic Beauty: Discover stunning landscapes from a fresh vantage point and get to POD!

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Introducing the POD PLANE: Antonov An-2 Colt

Timeless Aviation Excellence

Step onto the legendary Antonov An-2 Colt and relive aviation’s golden era. Dating back to 1947, this iconic aircraft promises a journey as captivating as the destination itself.

Versatility Redefined

The Antonov An-2 Colt, fondly known as “Annushka,” is more than an aircraft – it’s an engineering marvel. Initially designed for civil utility, it has excelled in roles ranging from transportation to search-and-rescue, agriculture, and beyond. Serving with pride in both civil and military spheres, it’s an emblem of versatility.

Unmatched Performance

At Place of Dreams Airport, the An-2 Colt showcases slow-flight, short takeoff, and landing capabilities. Imagine controlling flight at just 30 mph – a tribute to its remarkable design. Thriving in rugged conditions, this aircraft is the perfect companion for remote and challenging terrains.

Vital Stats

• Wingspan: 59.71ft
• Length: 46ft
• Height: 14ft
• Wing Area: 765.30ft²
• Weight: 12,125lbs
• Max Speed: 157mph
• Cruise Speed: 124mph
• Power: 1,000-horsepower Shvetsov ASH-62 radial engine
• Range: 562 miles

A Historic Aerial Journey

Our 1977 An-2 Colt, Polar 1, recreated a 1928 transpolar flight, touching down at the North Pole in April 1998. Capturing the spirit of adventure, it’s a testament to aviation’s legacy.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Experience the magic of flight in the Antonov An-2 Colt – an aviation icon. Secure your tickets today for a journey beyond transportation, a voyage through time and the skies.

POD Plane Interior 

POD Plane Taking Off