POD Living

Camping at POD

POD Living camping spaces have been carefully planned to offer showers, toilets, communal living spaces and fully equipped kitchens. The key success is that the living areas are made from natural stone and have water and solar powered electricity. There are currently two habitation hubs or Pods built from natural stone.

POD over the years has managed to establish an off the grid operation – within reason. POD has its own water from the establishment of the infinity dam and other sources as well as an electricity supply which is generated by solar and topped up with generated electricity when entirely necessary.

The accommodation is set up so that BYO (Bring Your Own) is available in Pod 1  – Positioned on Pad 0,1,2 and 6 | Spot camp | Bottom camp | Top camp

BYO (Bring Your Own) is the only option available in Pod 2 and it is further away (Pod 2 to Pod 1 is 1km)





Permanent Camping Facilities


Tents Under Shade


Round Rooms

Ablution Facilities

Glamping Loos

Groovy Loos & Showers

1.canyon as starting point-0km | 2.main entance to Pod1-600m | 3.turnoff to Pod 2-1.6km | 4.turnoff to Parking/Pod 3/wifi-2.4km | 5.3G spot-3.3km | 6. Turnoff to camp deliverance-6.9km | 7.Welcome post/hut -8.1km | 8.main gate to POD 1 camp on R356-12km