The Place Of Dreams has been created to be a beacon of hope, tolerance, understanding, respect and peace. The intention for the space is for it to be totally self-sustaining with the input from what is a fast growing community.

Our Story

The Council

As the community grows it will be governed by a council of people chosen from the active participants at POD. They will decide on farm policy, resolve disputes and plot the way forward.

PODs Circular Economy & Operating Structure

POD (Pty) Ltd holds the title deed of the land and owns all fixed structures built on it.The total shareholding of POD (Pty) Ltd is held by POD Trust.

All entities operating and building fixed structures on the land sign a usufruct agreement with the POD (Pty) Ltd.

The contract/agreement lays out terms of engagement and disengagement including: dispute resolution procedures. A code of conduct and revenue sharing agreements between all entities including reporting and payment schedules.

You would be considered a contributor if you are an active participant in growing this collaborative space. POD’s growth and

future sustainability is the driving purpose and passion of Chris and his small team, who have dedicated much to the farm and its infrastructure- building roads, solar and water systems, dams, accommodation, a yoga pavilion, an artist’s forum and an epic canyon amphitheatre.

POD Trust

Consists of the Chair of Trust – Chris Conradie + 6 Advisors who sit on the Board of POD Trust.

Profit and non-profit entities operating at POD all sign usufruct agreements with the POD (Pty) Ltd and a revenue-sharing contract with the POD Trust where 20% of all revenue is paid to POD Trust.

The POD Trustees in consultation with the various entities operating at POD fund projects and grant programs from the revenue it receives from entities operating at POD.

Each for Profit entity needs to accommodate volunteerism and facilitate training courses and apprentice learning programs in their field, funded in part and overseen by the POD Trust.

Overseas students funded by international scholarship programs or international student grants and local learners funded by the POD TRUST grant are hosted at POD, twinning learning programs with professionally run businesses. POD creates a dynamic interactive hub for entertainment, health and the art industries. By separating activities under different professionally operated entities in this structure, a CIRCULAR, SELF FUNDING, SUSTAINABLE Business/ Philanthropist Organization is created.

This clear separation allows not only for autonomy but also clearly sets out governance protocols and responsibilities.

By creating clearly defined user zones on the property the land is separated into predefined working areas and administered by the entities who have agreements to operate in those zones. These zones allow for visitors and short term stays and are used to generate income for the POD TRUST and the entities operating there.

Medium-term visitors, community and permanent staff stay in the Non-Commercial Zone where experimentation and NGO’s develop, work and play. By attracting the right kind of people to POD, with an investment model that induces reward, clearly defined procedure and responsibility for decision making will allow for clean governance and will generate cohesive activity between all entities that will guarantee funding of the POD TRUST to seed-fund future projects and programs that can further the vision of POD.

Coupled with a developed governance code and a code of conduct outlining procedures that strive for resolution and fair outcomes when disputes may arise within entities, between entities and the community that funds, lives or works at or in partnership with POD will create a positive environment for creativity and project generation to succeed.

This combined with usufruct agreements and a community constitution of values of acceptable behaviour and involvement; allows for a sustainable environment that has reach far beyond the physicality of POD, the farm.

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