Our Story

When the farm was bought in March 2018, it was a large tract of land lying fallow for many years. There was no development aside from some fencing, a single track into the property and a few defunct windmills and boreholes.

Place Of Dreams (POD) by definition

1. a detachable or self-contained unit on an aircraft, spacecraft, vehicle, or vessel, having a particular function.
2. an elongated seed vessel of a leguminous plant such as the pea, splitting open on both sides when ripe – germination.

This idea captures and embodies our vision of Place Of Dreams. Learn more…

The story began in 2014,

when founder and visionary Chris Conradie started a new chapter in his life. He embarked on a journey of exploration seeking out new experiences.
He participated in festivals and healing ceremonies getting to know and appreciate people from all walks of life. These new experiences gave him the opportunity to catch a glimpse of how beautiful life and humanity could be. He became motivated by a strong desire to create a community of capable people with an ethos and culture of doing.
His vision was to create an environment in which people could feel free to be their own authentic selves, unhindered by the expectations and norms of conventional society. He was driven to capture the essence of an ideal, which encapsulated independence

and freedom, embodying a sense of true community. This guided his purchase and vision for POD, which was to create a space where there was a balance between the concept of a ‘builder-participant-creator’ and the ‘spectator-consumer’.

Since its inception POD has welcomed many interesting, inspiring fellow travellers and seekers, all of whom have added to and improved on his original plan and ideas.

The POD is now a hive of activity with a genuine heart beat. Together, the POD team and friends, have broken soil, forged new spaces, opened up access to water and created a solar energy infrastructure. The first steps are completed, ready for those who seek a better way and who wish to join POD in carrying this vision forward.

HIGHLIGHT: We are totally off the grid!

What has been achieved to date:

A large fleet of vehicles and machinery, including a bulldozer, TLB,a front-end loader and trucks, as well as the appointment of a full -time construction crew, have seen the core infrastructure of the farm solidly laid.

– A network of roads that has opened up previously inaccessible areas on the farm
– Solar energy
– Boreholes drilled and dams built, including the INFINITY DAM reservoir
· POD 1 & 2 Accommodation hubs, including showers and toilets have been completed
– The canyon amphitheatre for community parties, concerts and festivals
– Solar lit walkways to the canyons are constructed
– The Party bus, a bespoke desert bar

Place_of_Dreams_POD_Karoo_overview POD 1