POD Spaces & Venues

Our Extraordinary Spaces & Venues

The Place of Dreams is perfectly positioned in the Karoo wilderness with vast amounts of space to enjoy many activities. If you love being outdoors and enjoy hiking, mountain biking or trail running you will be in heaven in this space. Of course the venues can also accommodate events, festivals, private parties and ceremonies – in fact, if you are a POD passport holder, anything your heart desires.

POD Spaces are available to POD passport holders for private functions or bespoke festivals or parties. POD spaces need to be booked and you will be required to commit rates and taxes towards the facilities you will be using. The water, power and amazing facilities have been lovingly created and need to be cared for, maintained and upgraded. You will be required to contribute towards the use of this space.


Canyon Amphitheatre

Yoga Pavillion

Party Bus


Infinity Dam

Canyon Sky Bar

Gratitude Canyon

Torii Gate

Art Walk

Art Car Collection