POD Membership Application

We would love to tell you more about POD and, of course, get to know you!
We’ll break the ice and go first. Place of Dreams has been created to be a beacon of hope, tolerance, understanding, respect and peace. The intention for the space is for it to be totally self-sustaining with the input from what is a fast-growing community. Place of Dreams is not governed by rules and regulations but is rather motivated by a passion to create a world where a collective ethos and respect for others predominates.

The vision continues to be to create an environment in which people can feel free to be their own authentic selves, unhindered by the expectations and norms of conventional society.

POD operates as a non-profit organisation. The initial funding of R20 million was gifted by its founder.
To date, a further R3 million has been raised through fundraisers and non-interest-bearing long-term contributions and/or loans.

Since its inception, POD has welcomed many interesting, inspiring and like-minded individuals, all of whom have added to and improved on our original plans and ideas. For POD to survive and grow, it is very important to be inclusive and know what/how our community members can contribute.

The founder and creators invite you – the planners, thinkers, artists, builders, engineers, designers and makers – to share your resources and skills with us, so that we may continue to collectively build this magical place.

Now that you know a bit more about us, we would love to get to know you…

Please take a moment to answer the below questions, so we might also understand your interest in POD and how you would like to be involved. There are no right or wrong answers.