The ElectroNative dance ceremony is a 24 hour continuous ritual merging ethereal techno beats with an array of live musical instruments. Set inside the cactus canyon, surrounded by limestone formations and what can best be described a modern mini Acropolis, Huachuma’s and complimentary plant medicines are offered to invite the spirit of Saint Pedro to awaken the dancers of our destiny. The rhythm is the rite to passage, as ancient as the beat of the earth, humans sought connections to other worlds through dance and movement. This is not something that can be taught
or displayed in any form of workshop, it is like learning to play the drum, no-one can teach you until you find your rhythm.

Although a collective effort of 111 dancers, at the same time, each and everyone is on their own journey. Most important is the endurance through repetitive and sometimes monotonous beats, a sacrifice and pilgrimage, elevating the dancer onto the threshold of the hypnotic and ecstatic.
Behold, this is not a performance by artists or a chit chat outdoor party gathering, everyone
participating becomes a conduit of the ethereal, to call upon and connect with the medicine spirit of