At the Place of Dreams we love the story and the journey that our contributions have been through.
On the weekend of the 3 April Vision Quest was reborn at POD Karoo.

A team of helpers made sure the final piece was secured in its new home.



Here is a little of the history!

The Sculpture was made and designed by artist Michael Hayward in 2010 as one of the Grant recipients of the VuvuCreative , an art collective who rented out flaming Vuvuzelas to the Cape Town based Fan Parks for the 2010 World Cup Soccer tournament held in South Africa, the proceeds thereof funded 11 artworks one of them being Vision Quest. This was before AfrikaBurn the organisation was able to fund art.

The sculpture was erected for the first time at AfrikaBurn 2010.
2 members of the VuvuCreative got married under the sculpture that year cementing in the bride tossing the bouquet of flowers from a hot air balloon.
Vision Quest then went into storage for the next few years.
In 2013 the AfrikaBurn Fire Collective, a group of artists from AfrikaBurn performing with large mobile fire sculptures (including the beloved Lizzie the T-Rex traveled to Burningman and took 

Vision Quest in the container and erected it at Burningman as part of our offering to the art landscape there.

It was safely returned to Cape Town and was stored until now. It now has found its permanent home at POD after sitting in a yard in Salt River for all of these years.

It is a sculpture of the teacher plant – San Pedro and its hallucinogenic properties allow one to journey and find the power of  within, to find the essence of who you are. The ball above added later at Burning man is symbolising an atom and the power that is generated by seeking utilising it as a Vision Quest tool.
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