Place of Dreams is on track to becoming a forum in which artists and sculptors can find a home to create and express their dreams and creative vision. Phlebus, a sculpture by Ettienne De Kock, proudly holds space at the entrance to the walk and will play host to the talented individuals who will showcase their work .

We are so excited to present a new talented artist, who will exhibit over the Oct 2021 POD weekend.

African Rain” is a Plant carbon resin sculpture. This stunning piece, is sure to generate lots of excitement!

“POD Art manages and facilitates artist work, placed along the river bed ART WALK that runs between the POD’s and the CANYON AMPHITHEATER.”


Although we have a physical body which is made of the materials that make up everything in this world and universe; it is an illusion that it appears to separate us from other beings and our surroundings. We are a part of everything and everyone around us; a one-ness. We are all connected. Our spirit, soul, and vibrational energy is an intrinsic part of us, yet not tangible in the material sense. These sculptures echo this illusion. Although they appear to be solid they change dynamically with varying transient light and surroundings. The surroundings become a part of them and yet are separate. Vibrational energy and physical presence merge and interact.