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We will Rebuild



POD Karoo Flood Damage Relief Fundraiser 2023 – We will Rebuild

The 10th December storms and floods in the Tankwa wreaked havoc on this normally dry and arid place we love so much.

Place of Dreams received its fair share of damage and devastation.

The Canyon was washed away by torrential rains and equipment vital to the normal functioning of POD was damaged beyond repair.

But nothing shatters dreams.

We will rebuild.

The dream when launching POD was the creation of a community of shared values and visions.

With POD now facing a rebuild/repair bill in excess of 800k we will be launching some exciting and rewarding fundraising events in the coming weeks and offering some amazing opportunities for our community to come together and contribute towards the rebuilding.


No, we are not talking about The Canyon or the 400k electrical equipment.

We’re talking about our exciting upcoming online auction.

Your favourite items donated or created by POD up for grabs.

  • Glamping tickets at your favourite events
  • Weekends away
  • Art
  • Music
  • Accommodation and more…

Damage Report

It has taken sometime to fully assess and quantify the full extent of the damage sustained during the storm and flood over the weekend of the 10th December.

Please stay tuned while we work away behind the scenes to create the most fantastic online auction and secure the best lots to reward you for your generosity and contributions.

e is a taster of items donated that you can bid on:

  1. Weekend party for 28 people at Pod, in Glamping, use of all Pod facilities -value R 61600( subject to availability)
  2. Get away weekend in Round Rooms, fully equipped, luxury cottage -value R12000 (subject to availability)
  3. Weekend at Stanford, Riversend cabin for 6 on the water -value R10000 (subject to availability)
  4. Weekend at The View, magnificent house for 8, valued at R20 000 (subject to availability)
  5. 2x Glamping tickets to Pod Easter boutique festival 6-11th April with meals – value R10000
  6. 2x Tent under shade tickets to Tankwa Classics valued at R9400
  7. 2x Glamping tickets to Tankwa Drome valued at R6000
  8. Artwork by Lyndi Sales
  9. Artwork by AJ Burns
  10. 6 Dogs Gin Hamper
  11. RAFFLE – win prized glamping tickets for POD October and help raise funds for damaged machinery replacement
  12. Exclusive 2hr Lectric Licks Live Performance – valued R15 000
  13. Mindhive bespoke 3D Projection Mapping Visuals for your Event – valued R15 000

 If you can, please contact us with any items you may have that could be listed as lots on our auctions.  Hampers, vouchers, weekends away, getaway experiences, artworks, skills or anything else you may want to contribute….

If you would like to get involved or assist with the fundraising project please also get in touch.

Ever been in the Tankwa and heard the phrase “there is too much water” ? Yeah, thought not but this phrase was uttered over and over again as the rains tried to wash away the dream. Still, we partied on and waited for the clouds to clear to assess the damage.
The roads and river beds will take some time to repair. Many of our pathways were washed away and the servitude road needs significant work to restore it to it’s previous condition. The labour is estimated at R190 k.
We have also assisted in the repair and restoration of the section of the R356, close to Pod. We have worked closely with our neighbours in restoring access and repairing the public road, as our way of contributing to our local community, The local municipality being stretched way beyond capacity to contain the situation.

The POD grader and Barbie(Multi tool loader) have spent over 100 hours thus far in an emergency repair at R80 k.
Diesel and Petrol costs will be around R120 k.

The costs keep mounting up!

Damage Report

POD internal roads  – R 190 000
Public Roads – R120 000
3 new bridges required –  R180 000
Electrical and Comms
Radio Repeater –  R30 000
Radio Tower –  R20 000
Inverter –  35 000
POD 1 Deck Shade – R 47 000
Infinity Dam Gazebo – R 35 000
Damages Total R 657 000
New Items required
The POD TLB, tipper truck and water truck, already at the end of their working life, were pushed beyond their capacity in doing the repair work on the public road and will need to upgraded urgently to newer equipment.
Vehicles (2nd Hand)  – R1 250 000

Total Expenditure as a result of flooding R 1 907 000


We are hard at work bringing everything back up to speed and ready for March Madness and to be able to open our doors once again to our community and new friends.

POD really values all the support and care during this difficult time and any contributions, large or small are deeply appreciated.


Much love from the POD team