22 – 25 Sep 2023

The Lost City

A small town that is completely governed by its own rules & regulations, that have been built on the founding principles of collaboration, community, and coexistence.

We’ve spent lifetimes searching for this lost paradise, where authority does not exist and all inhabitants participate in the well-being of the greater good. We searched until we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere but it was in the middle of nowhere, where we found the place that perfectly matched our dreams.

The Lost City is a forgotten desert town expanding over 3700 hectares in the arid Karoo desert. The city is home to pristine wilderness, ancient waterfalls, calcified rock formations, a 1 million-year-old canyon, and once again, incredible humans!

There is no ruling body in this little world but rather a collective motivation for all beings to be treated with respect, love and kindness. The members of this community are free from the shackles of modern-day society. They are peaceful and live harmoniously with the nature around them. We would like to INVITE you back to our annual celebration in this magical place. Join us as we experiment with what life outside the bounds of the modern system could be like. Let’s dream, dance, love and connect.