So the end of 2024 is approaching and it’s about time that we reflect on the immense contributions of our POD crew. These incredible individuals are the lifeblood of our community, tirelessly working behind the scenes to make the Place of Dreams a magical and sustainable space.

Chris Conradie’s vision and spirit that birthed this dream is always present with a way to and through it!

From laying the very foundations of our off-the-grid haven to repairing the damages wrought by floods, the POD crew are literally our heroes – with Markie leading the pack with his years of commitment to understand and control the constant evolution of this space.

Mackson Nkumbo, Joseph Matanda, Setie Chademuwiri, Nyashadzamwari Zimbangu, Matthew Logan Henry, Marco Gerald Kok, David Abrahams, Brent Killian, Shaun Bruce Jantjies, Benzel Panashe Bushe, Mark, Hurryson and Doupie, each bringing unique skills and unrelenting energy to our community.

Our dependable drivers, Tommy and Simba, ensuring our journeys are safe and joyous.

Our crew’s efforts are always visible during all our events: Tankwa Classics, Tankwa Drome, POD Easter and POD October…and let’s not forget all the other events and visitors that have the fortune of experiencing POD.

In the heat of the moment, our crew’s spirit never wanes, even in the scorching 40-degree heat. Building roofs and decks, bathrooms and showers, canyons and dams, their camaraderie exemplifies the soul of our community.

As we look forward to another year, we really want to give a huge shout out to everyone in the POD crew. POD wouldn’t be the same without you all.